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Athens Forum on Robotic Surgery in Urology
(4th edition)

2 – 3 June 2017


Welcome in Athens, to the 4th edition of the International Forum on Robotic Urology.

Last year urologists, oncologists and pathologists coming from eight European countries achieved a monothematic approach: bladder cancer. Moreover, for first time in Greece, a robotic nerve-sparing radical cystectomy and extended lymphadenectomy in man with intracorporial performance of neobladder was life transmitted from the operation theatre.

This year the theme of our conference will be kidney cancer. Although it is general accepted that if the costs of robotic surgery ware the same with those of laparoscopic, then the robotic surgery would be predominate, especially in case of partial nephrectomy, laparoscopic procedure finds its use, where robotic surgery is not available. One robotic and one laparoscopic partial nephrectomy will simultaneously be transmitted life and comparative from the operation theatre in the morning session and two other cases (one robotic and one laparoscopic partial nephrectomy) in the afternoon session on Friday (June of 2nd).

We hope the choice of lecture thematic and the comparison of the life transmitted minimally invasive procedures will keep alive the interesting of the attendants and the colleagues.

We are waiting for welcome you in Metropolitan Hospital, in Neo Faliro, in the nice Riviera of Athens.


Prof. Deliu Victor Matei

Deliu Victor Matei(semnatura)


Ass. Prof. Nicolae Crișan

Nic Crisan


Ass. Prof. Vassilios Poulakis